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Lofoten Cello Duo had its first appearance in an art nouveau flat in Barcelona. Over vermouth and home-brewed beer, the two cellists were excited to continue this now familiar format of fusing Scandinavian and Catalan folk music. They also have complex Balkan rhythms, melancholic Jewish melodies, sounds from the Caucasus and Middle East and their own compositions in their luggage. In addition to both cellos and nyckelharpa, the voices are used, creating a density unexpected for a duo. Their repertoire combines the diverse oral tradition of ethno music from around the world from time immemorial to the present. After Lynx (2016) and Cervus (2018), they have recently presented their new studio album Octopoda (No Fear Records, 2022) in cooperation with the Austrian band Alpine Dweller.

Carles Muñoz Camarero has relocated to Vienna because of love and stayed because of music. He admits he can't live without listening to the radio daily and is passionate about crustaceans like lobsters or goose barnacles, fascinated by islands in the middle of nowhere like Jan Mayen or Tristan da Cunha and tries to play cello mixing different styles such as classical, flamenco, pop, free improvisation, jazz and ethno music.

Håvard Enstad came to Barcelona for a year of studies. Fourteen years later he moved to Vienna and continuously tries to spread the joy and beauty of Scandinavian folk Music. Carles was one of his victims and Lofoten was the result. When Håvard is not composing musicals or working in his garden, he participates in ethno music festivals to learn music from places you didn't know existed.

"Your sound is balsam för själen (the soul)!"

                                       - Emilia Amper, nyckelharpa player and composer

"Your music is so soothing, like a semolina pudding with blueberry and sea buckthorn sauce and a few lavender blossoms."

                                       - Flora Geißelbrecht, viola, harp player and composer

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